"How To Get Your Child To Behave
Without Violence, Arguments, or Shouting!"

"YES! I’m ready to change and transform my child’s bad behavior into a well-behaved child without having family arguments; and without the whining and complaining from the past."
With our child behavior correction method, we’ll help you finally stop that whining irritating defiant attitude, stop the procrastination of chores, and stop the argument.
In other words… stop the problems you’re having with your child with a safe, humane, conventional and educational method.
This is important because you deserve a stress-free home environment.

If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 7-14 (from grade school through middle school), this is especially important because your relationship with your soon-to-be-heading-to-high-school child may explode if not handled now.
In today’s fast paced world, parents become overwhelmed with demands made upon them. It seems many children have taken over the rules of the house; telling their parents "No" way too often when it comes to food, chores, and even entertainment. Parents need a simple structured system for a household to run smoothly.

We believe children should respect and be respected. Children also deserve the ability to make choices.

  • Our child modification program lays down the foundation that teaches them to make WISE choices which will effect their behavior in a way that will attract good friends and keep them out of trouble.
  • Our program is a "give-and-take" philosophy whereby your child takes responsibility for his or her attitudes and actions, the results of which will be their choice.
    In other words, if Johnny or Susie want to stay up and watch one more tv program, what can they do for that privilege?
  • The great part of this is that parent and child work together, each being responsible for their own part which is described in detail upon purchase of the "repair kit".
Nothing is left to your wonder. Everything is spelled out for parent and child, both.

Parenting is an opportunity to TEACH your child the importance of good behavior. The "Child Behavior Repair Kit for Parents" in an education for both.

Results and length of time to correct your child’s improper behavior may vary because each child and each circumstance is different. Some people have quick results and others have to work at it a little longer; but if you stick with the program, it will work for you.

Bottom Line:

You want your children to behave! Correcting poor child behavior now while they are still young is critical to your success as an effective parent of a future teenager.

Here’s a condensed look of what you’ll get when you order today:

A downloadable easy-to-read manual with specific steps to change your child’s challenging behavior… which means you’re quickly on the way to your desired goal of a problem-free child without “bringing back the belt”.

You will Teach and/or Learn:

  • HOW to Blend Guidance and Discipline Effectively
  • HOW to Introduce Your Child To a New Behavior Pattern in Just 5 Steps
  • HOW to Get Your Child to do Household Chores Regularly
  • HOW to Get Respect from Your Child Through One Simple Takeaway
  • HOW to Have Your Child Redeem Him/Herself for Bad Behavior
  • HOW to Explain Responsible Attitudes and Actions in the Real World

Downloadable printable graphic tools your grade-school or middle-school kids will understand and can work with. This means your children will soon learn to make wise choices, avoiding any chance of future arguments and without consistent confrontation.

The beginning of a stress-free life which will allow your kids to have happy family memories. This means a great future “parent/child” relationship for years to come without ever raising your voice.

  • Kids will mind
  • Kids will do chores
  • Kids will take responsibilities
  • Kids will have positive attitudes    

**NO CDs to listen to, or hours of DVDs to watch (like many other programs on the Internet) This is a simple manual with simple no-nonsense instructions for parents and children to implement on a daily basis.

You will be required to print out some working materials, so access to a printer is mandatory.
money back guarantee Change Bad Child Behavior | Transform Bad Child Behavior | Stop Whiny ChildrenOur unique, effective program can be yours for only a one-time payment of $47.
There is no risk involved. If you don’t see results in as little as 30 days using The "Child Behavior Repair Kit for Parents", simply ask for a refund; keep all the bonus materials below:
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10 Crucial Mistakes Parents Make When Raising ChildrenBONUS #1 -

Free access to an MP3 digital audio book selling on Amazon entitled “10 Mistakes Parents Make When Raising Children… and Why You Need To Know Them”. This is a 1-hour audio book covering the following topics:


  • Lack of Communication
  • Giving in to Bad Behavior
  • Arguing with Your Child
  • Living Out Your Own Childhood Goals
  • Overspending
  • Underestimating Your Child’s Potential
  • Being Inconsistent
  • Repeating Ineffective Discipline
  • Not Setting & Enforcing Responsibilities
  • Not Seeking Advice

BONUS #2 -

Fun and Free Activities for FamiliesFun Free Activities for Families on a Budget:
The hope of this ebook is to help you find several ways to spend the least amount of money while still having a heap of fun with your family while creating lasting memories.

BONUS #3 -

Child Safety Online:

Top Tips To Protect Your Child From Online Predators!

Child Safety Online"Being online exposes children to a new way of exploring things. Or they will access one of their favorite children’s television websites and look at old episodes of their favorite shows. If it doesn’t cost them much of anything, they will take advantage of what the internet has available."


BONUS #4 –
Teaching Your Child Good Behavior.
Smart Parenting:

Raising Happy and Responsible Children in the 21st Century

"…We don’t own our children. We’re merely here to teach them the ways of life as we know it so that they succeed and survive gracefully in theirs."

We can choose to forego being parents and decide not to have children to escape this difficult feat altogether, though it is highly doubtful that we would be able to experience the level of happiness and fulfillment we would have if we chose to become parents.

Take 30 days to put us to the test.

The Child Behavior GuaranteeIf "The Child Behavior Repair Kit for Parents" doesn’t  show you exactly how to transform your misbehaving child into a well-behaved child without nagging… if it doesn’t take you by the hand and show you step-by-step instructions for implementing the program… or if it fails to help your child understand the importance of being well-behaved, then simply email us to receive a full refund. No Questions Asked.

"I thought there was no hope for my kids."

I thought there was no hope for my kids. They were so bad I wanted to throw them out. After your program… we now have peace in the family! PHILIP R. – Spokane, WA

*NOTE: The authority of this program comes from a regular mom and grandmother, not from a professional child psychologist. Your results may not be typical of the results shown here. Success with this program depends on the amount of effort a parent is willing to undertake.(Read full disclosure) .



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Judicious Grandmother
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Boy, was I surprised when I saw Brittney changing her attitude…"

Boy, was I surprised when I saw Brittney changing her attitude in just one short week. I never knew a behaviour program could work so fast! WANDA S. – Tampa, FL .

My kids had taken over my life… "

Your unique program was just what I was looking for but never knew existed. My kids had taken over my life and I was close to a nervous breakdown. I have to say I have never seen such a positive change once I started using the techniques. TAMMI R. – Sacramento, CA .

It was easy to use and got the results…"

We loved your program. It was easy to use and got the results we were looking for. Sarah and Sean actually smile at each other now. BILL & AMY – Shreveport, LA .

I was so tired of being a referee."

My two sons were always quibbling… I was so tired of being a referee. It just never ended and I wanted to pull out my hair and cry. I bought your program and enforced it. What a difference!!!  Thanks SUSAN B. – Cleveland, OH .